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Newton School Foundation Presents:

Newton Inspires

An Evening of Prominent Newtonians Share Their Passions

Tuesday, November 13, 2019

at Newton South High School


Show up, get inspired and eat our yummy food!

Great Food By Design


We had a great time serving the folks at the annual meeting of NEDHI (New England Decorative Hardware Institute).

These are the folks who make sure that the things we don't think about beautiful (like drawer pulls and hinges and strike plates and lock faces...)

Aw, Shucks.


Here's a lovely live-shucked raw bar setup we did for a Commander's Mansion event in Watertown in December that people really seemed to enjoy.

A Lunch Fit For A Prince. Literally.

In September, in conjunction with the U.S. Tennis Association, H.R.H. Prince Edward (a.k.a. the Duke of Edinborough) came to Boston as part of his nonprofit International Award Program's Tennis Challenge and we were lucky enough to get to serve him lunch (get it? get it?)! It was a great day for a great cause: 


Real Estate Open House, Newburyport


Good old-fashioned American grilling for lunch for the new homeowners and prospective buyers.