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Sometimes, you know exactly what you're looking for and sometimes you need to browse a little.

Our sample menus below start out  delicious and creative and are meant to give you a sense of our unique approach to good, fresh food. 

We'll always work to make your vision happen and our menus do get pretty deep, so this is a great way to get to know us without getting overwhelmed.

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Sample Industry Reception Menus

Stationary Appetizers

Antipasti Display

Assorted Cheeses and Crudités
with artichoke-spinach dip and hummus,
cured meats, fruits, water crackers and lavash toasts

Roman Style Pizza Squares

with roasted corn and pancetta

Fresh Mozzarella and Pesto Crostinis

with roma tomatoes, basil and balsamic vinaigrette

Mini BBQ Beef Foccacia

with cheddar cheese

Light Desserts
Brownies, Bars and Cookies


Roasted Vegetable/Antipasti Center Piece

a center table display including roasted and marinated vegetables,

assorted cheeses, cucumber-feta dip, white bean dip,

water crackers and lavash toasts

Cocktail Calzones

chicken, mushroom and tomato

sausage, sweet pepper and cheddar

Fresh Fruit Skewers

with honey-yogurt dipping sauce

Boneless Buffalo Chicken Bites

spicy, crunchy chicken bites served with celery and

carrots sticks, Frank’s red hot sauce and blue cheese

Assorted Cookies and Brownies


Sample Wedding Menus

Traditional Cocktail Reception

Cheese and Vegetable Centerpiece

Select cheese s and assorted fresh local seasonalveget ables se rved

with lavash toast, lemon hummus, spinach dip

Baked Brie en Croute

on a bed of  jam with water crackers

Passed Hors D ’oeuvres

Coconut Chicken

with pineapple hoisin sauce


Mini Quiche

Broccoli & Swiss, bacon& cheddar

Plated Salad

Assorted Bread Basket

Mixed Green Salad

with goat cheese, sun-dried cranberries, thinly sliced onions,

candied walnut and a buttermilk dressing

Buffet Dinner

Filet of Beef

withhorseradish sauce

Grilled Chicken

with lemon sauce and cranberry conserve

Vegetarian Roasted Eggplant and Mozzarella Stack

with tomatoes and basil

Sauteed Green Beans

with almonds

Baby Carrots

with a touch of tarragon

Potatoes Au Gratin

Dessert and Coffee

Creme Brulee

garnished with chocolate and berries

Chocolate Gateau

with strawberries and cream

Fruit Cobbler

with fresh cream

Summer Buffett

Stationary Appetizer

Mediterranean Centerpiece

Assorted vegetables, assorted cheeses,lavash toasts, lemon hummus,

cucumber-feta dip and fruit

Passed Hors D ’oeuvres

Potato and CheddarPizza Squares

New England Style CrabCakes

Spinach Bites

Dinner Stations

Bread Basket

Cornbread, biscuits and cranberry bread with sweet cream butter

Greek Salad

Fresh greens topped with feta, tomatoes, cucumbers, red onions, olives and a Greek dressing with lemons

Orzo Salad

Toasted orzo and rice salad with apricots and pine nuts and mixed

green salad with a balsamic viniagrette

Roaste d Potato Salad

with dijon mayonnaise

Grilled SeasonalVegetables

Mixed Grill

BBQ Boneless Chicken,

Roasted Pork Loin, 

Sliced London Broil, 

Cilantro Shrimp Skewers

Italian Dinner

Antipasti Centerpiece

Asiago, Provolone, Pesto Bocconcinni, Fontina, Sopresatta, olives, roasted red peppers, marinated vegetables, artichoke dip, white bean spread, lavash toasts and crusty breads

First Course

Bread Basket

Focaccia, assorted rolls, scalli bread served with sweet cream butter and olive oil

Misto Insalada

Fresh greens topped with tomatoes, cucumbers, red onions, olives and Italian dressing

Traditional Caesar Salad

Second Course

Tortellini Primavera

Three cheese tortellini with fresh vegetables in a parmesan cream sauce


Wild Mushroom Risotto


Tuscan Salmon

Light crust, thyme and lemon

Grilled Rosemary Chicken

Veal Marsala

with button mushrooms

Vegetable Lasagna

served with roasted new potatoes with olive oil and herbs

Roasted Seasonal Vegetables

Dessert & Coffee


garnished with raspberries



with fresh berries and anise cookies


Sample Mitzvah Menu

To Start

Cheese and Veggie Centerpiece

Assorted cheeses and fresh vegetables, hummus, spinach dip, crackers, lavash toasts and olives

Passed Appetizers

Spinach Bites  

Balsamic Beef Brochettes with a cool cucumber sauce

Sushi-Grade Tuna   on sticky rice with wasabi and ginger

Asian Chicken Salad Cups with plum sauce


Salad and Vegetable Station  

Traditional Caesar Salad 

Spinach Salad with goat cheese, roasted onions, candied walnuts, sun-dried cranberries and a balsamic viniagrette

Roasted Vegetables

Assorted Bread and Rolls with butter and olive oil

Pasta Station  

Whole Wheat Penne and Cheese Tortellini with a side bar of toppings:

Marinara Sauce

Asiago Cream Sauce with parsley, fresh basil, saúteed mushrooms, sun-dried tomatoes and parmesan

Beef and Chicken Station  

Sliced Sirloin with sauéeted mushrooms

Lemon Chicken with artichokes

Wild Rice Pilaf

Kids' Station  

Beef Sliders with all the fixin's

Crunchy Chicken Bites with ranch and sweet & sour sauces

French Fries, Caesar Salad